Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Apple’s new iPad is what I want

I’m hearing so much weeping an gnashing of teeth over Apple’s new iPad.  Podcasters, bloggers, and Apple haters are singing a chorus of disparaging reviews because the iPad is not doing what all of their other devices are doing.  I am as much a geek as anyone.  I like compatibility and access with my devices.  However I am going to purchase an iPad and it will be the most expensive model.  The iPad, yes "iPad", Does just about what every non-geek wants it to do.  As for us geeks who want a supercharged discounted device from Apple, We can survive. 

Its amazing that this model is being compared to netbooks, laptops, and desktop computers all running Windows OS (aka me to devices) when Apple CEO Steve Jobs clearly stated that he was creating a new category of computing devices.  Apple never intended to compete within a so-called new category of computing devices running on Windows OS.

Apple has shown for nearly all of its entire existence that it is willing to define a new category rather than to create "me to" devices in any category of computing.  That is the reason that so many attributes of many wanted in the iPad are not there and why so many attributes of the "me to" devices running Windows OS do not have what the iPad has.  The functionality is completely different.  Also people who can fit the iPad in their selection of computing devices have little need for a "me too" device.

For example, I don’t want a netbook because I don’t want to use the windows or pure linux operating systems.  I believe that the Mac specific operating system is superior.  I don’t need iPad camera because I have an iPhone 3GS 32 gig for that.  I don’t need hdmi ports, because i have a reliable iMac G5 17" connected to my 42” hdtv for that.  I don’t need flash support because both my iMac G5 AND my 27" iMac have all of the flash support that I need.  I even have an App that allows me to remotely connect to my computers both iMacs as if I am sitting there in front of them.  I can do all of my computing, send documents to my mobile me cloud, and view and/or manipulate them on my iPhone and eventually my iPad.  Devices running the Windows OS do not have that seamless functionality - they never have and never will.

I don't need Flash.  over 90 percent of the Flash that I have enjoyed online was elective.  I have yet to need it for business, school, community work, or any other required computing.  Also there is no "must have" program written in flash that can help me with my productivity.  I am patiently waiting for html 5.  It does just about what Flash can do and it is viewable on the iPhone.

As for comparing the iPad to the iPod.  The iPad runs the iWork suit, the iPod does not.  I use the iWork suite heavily.  The screen is large enough for me not to need a actual notepad anymore.  The iPod couldn't do it and my iPhone didn't do it.  Large numbers of documents will now just be sent to me electronically where I no longer have to print them out in order to view them in one screen without needing to pinch.  The iPhone and iPod form factors do not allow for that type of usage.

Now its time to move on from the collective ridicule of the iPad and toward what types of new products will be developed for the iPad.  The next postings I will have on the iPad will definitely be in that mental mode.